Jul 20, 2011

Euphonica Guild.

So it was time to say goodbye to Independent.
I will miss you guys, no doubt about it. (:

Though im not going to lie. I definitely will not miss some people. Especially theres 2 people in mind that I will never fucking miss in my whole life. Not even if they died right now.

So Me, veekneeleexD and Elusively had decided to make our own guild, just for fun!
But I guess I'm just taking it a little way too serious [as a leader I guess.]
Stressing and Constantly thinking about it.
I guess it shows how much I care? xD.
Though sometimes.... I feel kind of bad, or like it was a bad idea. Since the only reason Vinny & Steve wanted to leave was to meet new people and have fun. But... it's not exactly like that as of right now? :/
And I feel bad for asking them to chip in sometimes and I feel like maybe im just wasting all my money and stressing for no reason when we could've just joined another guild without having to waste money and thinking about stuff...
But we'll see how it goes I guess. :(

And Psh GUUUURL Like. I neverrr farm, like ever. 
But im actually starting to farm for GP. And I've actually done quite a few Guild Mission Eggs.
Which I hate with a burning passion. QQ;

So we're still starting off kinda small.....? 
Its been 4 days and we're level 5. Almost close to 6! 
I just need a jizzload of Neutral Crystals. ):
LF> Donations pl0x so i wont burn through my bank and dig out every little possible ely left.
But uhm yeah!

Check out the guild site.

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